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My mom went to Maine, and all she got me was this lighthouse

July 29, 2009

Government Offers Lighthouses for Free .

This just in from the National Trust for Historic Preservation — lighthouses that can be yours for a song!  Maine, Massachusetts, Michigan, Puerto Rico, Wisconsin….  (wait.  Wisconsin?  Never imagined Wisconsin with lighthouses…) and more!

By the way, tomorrow I will actually be going to Maine, so perhaps I will come home with a lighthouse.  At the very least, you can look forward to some photos and me reminiscing about growing up (for a few years, anyway) in a small New England village, complete with white-steepled church, memorial to settlers who died in an “Indian massacre” in 1682 and various picturesque historic buildings.  (Then prepare for me to rant about how it’s all been ruined by outlet shopping…)

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