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October 4, 2009


Photo by Paul Orleman

Photo by Paul Orleman

kiceySouvenirs are for remembering.

It would seem that there are a bunch of people out there looking to remember the recently demolished Addison Mizner Main Line mansion La Ronda by acquiring a chunk of it.  My blog stats are showing lots of search engine results for “pieces of La Ronda” and the like.


I’m wondering if folk are planning to incorporate the bits in an attempt to give architectural heft to a McMansion, or as garden statuary, or… what?  If you are one of them, do please share what you have in mind.

Update:  Rumor has it the salvage commission was given  this place.  But  “search” reveals no obvious La Ronda sale stuff and poking through their website you being to understand the importance of “context” — was that the railing in the great hall?  Was that one of those stained glass windows?  Links elsewhere that directed to Mizner stuff at this place are all dead now.  I was only able to follow up and find out where they went because I’m a good web researcher with a few tricks up my sleeve.  Another source says it was this place (maybe you can see bits of La Ronda on their tv program!) but search there reveals nothing.   Read more about the entire La Ronda saga, right down to the torn apart bits and pieces, here at the Hysterical Preservationist.

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  1. November 24, 2009 11:32 pm

    I find it incredibly sad when gorgeous old buildings are torn down. I was listening to a show on NPR talking about when the current Penn Station was built and the beautiful station, they tore down to build this hideous hole in the ground. I wouldn’t by a piece of a building just to own a piece of it, but I do like salvage yards when it comes to fixing up my turn of last century home because the architectural details match, and it feels a bit like saving a puppy from the pound (plus usually the pieces are far less expensive, have shown they can withstand the test of time and are more interesting/beautiful).

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