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Free… hello modernist fans!

October 9, 2009

Want your very own home by  a noted mid-century architect?

It’s free.  (But not without cost — you have to transfer and reassemble the building.)

Stonorov steel home

Stonorov steel home

Harmon House

Harmon House

Modernist architect Oskar Stonorov designed and built two steel houses on his family’s property in Chester County around 1946.  At the urging of Walter Reuther (who was looking for opportunities to continue employment of war-time steel workers), Stonorov designed the houses as prototypes for mass-produced pre-fab houses that could be marketed to returning veterans.

Stonorov’s designs went by the name of Harmon Houses and were manufactured in Wilmington, Delaware.  Only a very few were built before the company went out of business.

This available house once stood on Stonorov family property that was subdivided for development.  The house was disassembled, stored and is now available to a new owner.

Ideal as a small starter or vacation getaway home, this building is a fine example of the work of an architect noted for his interest in housing innovation.

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