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Cozy corners and reading nooks are very good things indeed

December 20, 2009

I dream of buildings.  I re-visit childhood homes and finally find the secret passage I had always sought.  The north-facing apartment in Manhattan of my post-college era fills with light (and moves from a tenement to a lovely brownstone).   Hallways in my college dorm shift, like something out of a Harry Potter movie.  Not long ago I dreamt I’d moved back to Manhattan and scored a spacious place in a pre-war building with vast windows overlooking the Hudson River.  I look forward to someday walking into that amazing apartment and saying “wow!  I’m having deja vu!”

My imagination knows me well and so it designed the apartment [literally “of my dreams”] to include a cozy reading nook.  A perfect place to settle in for a good, long read.

Since then I noticed this nifty space in Martha Stewart Living.  While the feature wants you to follow directions and make that wreath, what I admired most was the nook.  Vintage buildings are much-beloved for their nooks and other quirky architectural features.

With almost two feet of snow outside today, this would be the perfect hideaway to dream and look out at the white stuff.  I’d like a nifty nook like this for Christmas, Santa.  Can you dream one up for me?

Nook. As seen in December 09 Martha Stewart Living. Can someone get me a mug of hot chocolate?

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