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From mountain tops to battlefields: Winners of the National Historic Landmark Photo Contest

November 16, 2010
Mount Rainier in the Morning

Mount Rainier in the Morning, by Matt Bell, Lost Delta Photography

Historic Landmark designation is the highest honorific bestowed upon historic sites in the United States, signifying those that “possess exceptional value or quality in illustrating or interpreting the heritage of the United States.”   There are fewer than 2,500 NHLs and they tell stories about revolution, abolition, women’s history, civil rights, industrial and technological advances, creativity and inspiration.

The 11th Annual National Historic Landmark Photo contest was a fantastic opportunity to see how people across the country view these special places.  Contestants were asked to submit no more than 10 images of their favorite National Historic Landmarks and the winners were selected by National Park Service employees across the country.

To read about the contest and this year’s winners, visit National Parks Traveler.  (See if you can figure out which part they pulled from text I wrote!)  You can also visit the NHL Photo Contest Flickr page to see all the entries and enjoy a little armchair traveling or just check out this gallery of the winner and honorable mention images.

Clock Tower Administration Building, PSHS, Pullman Historic District

Clock Tower, Administration Building, PSHS, Pullman Historic District, by kmc_Chicago. This was one of my favorite images but it wasn't a finalist. For more info on the Pullman Historic District:

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