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Loose lips sink ships — so do holes in the hull

July 29, 2011
USS Olympia, holes in hull, interior view

Click here to donate to the National Trust's Olympia fund (Photo by Sabra Smith)

Here’s today’s update from Alan Jaffe at PlanPhilly on the repairs to the hull of the USS Olympia, a National Historic Landmark.   There’s a fabulous slide show so you can watch them at work patching the holes.

This is simply a stopgap measure, of course.  Olympia needs a qualified new owner to take her on, raise funds and embark on the substantial repairs that she’s overdue for.

Want to help save this amazing ship?  You can get more information or donate to the fund to save the USS Olympia at the National Trust for Historic Preservation.

For more background information on the Olympia, see this previous post.

Slideshow in right-hand sidebar.

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