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I Love Lucy (the Elephant): It’s contest time!

October 1, 2012

Hey Boys & Girls!

(and those of you who used to be boys and girls once upon a time…)

It’s contest time!

I recently reminisced about my happy summers frolicking at the Jersey Shore, playing miniature golf along the boardwalk, and hanging out with my favorite pachyderm, Lucy, the Margate Elephant.

I’d still love her today even if she wasn’t a National Historic Landmark and the perfect example of a [white] elephant structure that was saved from demolition by passionate locals.

Now I challenge you to share your own reminiscence.  There’s something in it for you!

As the days get shorter, the leaves begin to change color and fall, and the roadside farm stands fill with pumpkins and apples, I ask you to settle into a comfy chair and cast your mind back  to one of your favorite summers and share what made it special.  (You might have to look back only a few weeks… perhaps several years… perhaps many decades….)   I’m especially interested in stories that include a favorite thing (like Lucy or your first car), place (like the boardwalk or mountain cabin), or landscape (might be a town, or summer camp).

Send me your story* about a favorite summer memory related to a thing or place.  Zip it right along to me at SABRA at myowntimemachine dot com

If you happen to have a photograph to include, that would be extra fabulous!  While I do not consider this a crowd-sourcing attempt to score free content for this blog, based on what I know about some of you, there may be some wonderful tales.  Please include in your email a YES or NO answer to the question: May I publish this on My Own Time Machine?  (Cuz I’d really like to!)  (But I won’t if you don’t want me to…)

A panel of experts (okay, me and my offspring, and maybe someone at work) will read through the submissions and select the winner.  What do you win?

Why, Lucy the Elephant, of course!  As an adorable mini plush replica. Peanuts included.

DEADLINE:  Monday October 15th — NO KIDDING!

*It’s really up to you what a “story” means — whatever you are comfortable writing.  I suppose some might send in a paragraph, and others will send in pages.  Keep in mind  that poems range from haiku to epic — so whether you send a short blurb or short story, both are valuable, and equal, means of expression.

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