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What’s wrong with this picture?

December 15, 2012

You know those puzzles, where you are challenged to find as many things as you can that don’t fit?  See how many you can spot that show the evolution of this house over time.  And here’s a freebie — those new windows on first floor are just WRONG.  Lots of little faux divided lights instead of just sticking with what’s in the rest of the house.  They probably thought it was more “historic” that way.  I think there needs to be a mascot for historic preservation, and his/her name should be Secretary Standard.  And s/he would do a public service campaign doing actual case studies of when wooden windows are lovely and should be kept, and when wooden windows should be taken out and what they should be replaced with.  Any artists out there that want to take a crack at creating “Secretary Standard”?

Victorian house gets remodeling work

Where’s Secretary Standard when you need her? (Photo by Sabra Smith)

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