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“Gee, Lassie, what did you just dig up?”

June 9, 2010

Philadelphia Archaeological Forum, The Kelpius Society, and

The Roxborough-Manayunk-Wissahickon Historical Society present


Wednesday, June 23, 6:30 p.m. — FREE!

at The Center at Journey’s Way, 403 Rector Street in Roxborough

No shovels required for this evening of history, artifact identification and fun with local archaeologists at an “Archaeology Road Show.”

Doug Mooney, president of the Philadelphia Archaeological Forum, will share intriguing nuggets about what’s underground in Philadelphia.  Specialists will offer scientific appraisal of any treasures you or Rover might have discovered or dug up.  (Monetary appraisals not included, so forget that dream of retiring on the proceeds of the dino skull you think you found.)

Amateur discoveries are increasingly becoming an important source of information for those researching how we lived in the past.

If you’ve ever found an unusual artifact in your garden, dug up something using a metal detector, or stumbled across an item while walking the family dog, bring it to the road show and find out what it is or learn about its historical context.

Roxborough area residents are invited to bring anything they’ve found, whether whole or fragments of old bottles, pottery, ceramics, metal objects and implements, arrowheads or other American Indian artifacts, beads, jewelry, glassware, toys, stones, marbles, buttons, and the like.  Any supporting documentation that would help identify the location of where items were found is particularly encouraged.

Artifact guidelines and additional information about the program can also be picked up from June 10 at the Front Desk at the Center for Journey’s Way.

Tom Carroll, president of The Kelpius Society, says this program “is part of a broad effort of the Kelpius Society to form partnerships with organizations and individuals in and around the Roxborough-Wissahickon area.  These neighborhoods are the site of the historic Kelpius community, which was established along the Wissahickon Creek in 1694.”

The Roxborough-Manayunk-Wissahickon Historical Society is also collecting old photos from residents for inclusion in a history book to be published by Arcadia Publishers next year. Please contact historical society president Karen Sears (215-483-9268) for more information.

The Kelpius Society is embarking on an oral history project with Journey’s Way, as well as working to restore the original Kelpius settlement site located in Fairmount Park.  Click here for more info.

The Philadelphia Archaeological Forum advises and educates historians, architects, government officials, tourism concerns, and others about urban archaeology.  Each October it hosts an all-day seminar (free to the public, with kid-friendly activities) that explores recent findings and developments at various projects throughout the City.

Philadelphia communities or school groups are encouraged to host a road show (click the link above).

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