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Preservation & Design

October 7, 2010

So often the survival of a historic old building or site comes down to creative vision and energy devising a new use that brings the building into relevance of the current period.  This, my friends, is known as design.  I’m not sure why there isn’t a more obvious nexus of preservation and design.  Perhaps it goes back to the ongoing debate we’ve been having about the inadequacy of the words “historic preservation” to encompass all that they do (community development, revitalization, storytelling, education, design (and re-design), sustainable development, affordable housing, etc and so on….).

In celebration of Design in a city noted for its history, I give a great big shout out to DesignPhiladelphia — a month-long, biggest-in-the-nation, celebration of design that encompasses more than words can express!

Click for a complete list of events!  For example, on October 7, Carol Bruce and Peter Gittleman from Historic New England talk about interior design inspired by original historic home furnishings and finishes.  (They have a magnificent wallpaper archive — see here for previous post.)  And don’t miss the great shop and demonstrations (sometimes with beer tastings!) at Hudson Beach Glass on Strawberry Street (see if that darling little green glass frog bottle is still for sale…).

Want just architecture-related events?  Click here and be dumb-founded by the fabulous array of workshops and open house days at genius pools like Venturi, Scott Brown and Associates, Andropogon Associates and Re:Vision Architecture.   If you like awards and chicken dinners you can attend the AIA Philadelphia Design Awards Presentation & Dinner to see the best of the best!

Feeling more of a history-vibe? Click here for related events, like spooky goings on at Eastern State Penitentiary, a consideration of the history of modern design, and a happy hour with skyline views that exposes you to a wild array of museum and exhibit design (psst… just ask about the 5Bs– and the last one is beer).


Window at Hudson Beach Glass



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